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Gorgeous Luxury Living in Vail

I wanted to find the best luxury vacation rentals in Vail Colorado due to my impending wedding anniversary. My wife and I are about to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and it’s time to live it up a bit. It’s so interesting to think back to when we first met and I was just getting my business off the ground. Some people refer to their salad days, but ours was more like the ramen days! You can’t eat your youth and enthusiasm! But within five years the business was a success and we moved up the social ladder. Five years after that and we’re very wealthy.

The problem with going to Colorado and renting a suite is that there are so many possibilities.

Travel Tips to New York

Although a lot of people believe that New York is one of those big bad cities with crime rates that would make your heart palpitate in fear, official reports actually claim that New York is one of the safest places to be these days, with crime rates reaching an all time low since the 1960’s.
If it’s your first time to travel to New York, here are a few tips for you to make your visit in New York safer, cheaper and more memorable.

Where To Stay

If you don’t have some friends with pads in New York that you could bunk in for a night or two then there are a wide range of hotels for you to choose from. Most of the hotels in New York are concentrated in Manhattan but if you’re flying for business purposes then maybe you’d prefer to stay somewhere near Wall Street. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something quirky and fun, then maybe Chelsea and Greenwhich are good places to start.

Where To Eat

One good thing about New York: the food is a fusion of a bit of everything from the four corners of the globe. If you desire lasagna, then Italian eateries are just around the corner. If you desire some good old fashioned beef stew and yangchow rice then there are a lot of Chinese delis that are willing to deliver food right on your doorstep. From ultra-posh, exorbitantly expensive first class restaurants to bohemian dining to fixed rates for eat all you can buffets, New York will have no problems in satisfying your gastronomical inclinations.

Where to Go

New York has a lot of points of interest to boast of and the list just keeps getting longer and longer. Remember the animation movie, Madagascar? Well, that’s Central Park in drawing but wait till you see the real one and all eight hundred acres of it. And then there’s Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. They say that a visit to New York isn’t complete until you check out the lifelike “creatures” in that particular museum. And who can forget the Empire State Building, once the tallest among them all high rise buildings? And of course there’s the Statue of Liberty, the very symbol of American welcome. Then there’s the Rockefeller Center, with its famous Christmas tree right in the middle of all the action.

How to Stay Safe

Although New York is considered as “safe”, it wouldn’t hurt to take the necessary precautions and avoid the attention of pickpockets on the lookout for out-of-towners. Don’t make a fuss when going to the ATM and always go out in groups.

How Not to Get Lost

New York is a very busy city so the bustling city may end up overwhelming first time visitors. Hence, it’s advisable that you always carry your map and cellphone with you. If unsure of the destination, don’t just board the subway but instead, spend extra cash for a cab ride.
Lastly, enjoy your New York tour!


Mont Blanc Mountain, Europe

The UNESCO convention for world heritage adopted in 1972 allowed for the designation of sites with an exceptional universal value: such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Galapagos Islands or Kilamanjaro. There are now 730 sites of which 144 are natural and 23 mixed (natural and cultural) in 125 different countries. 57 of these sites are mountains, or mountain ranges but Mont Blanc doesn’t feature.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe with an altitude of 4807m. With new technologies the altitude of Mont Blanc can be accurately measured and its oscillations measured (between 4807m and 4811m). This constant fluctuation is due to the level of snow which accumulates on the rock summit (which is estimated to be 4780m) which is in turn dependant on precipitation and temperature. It is foreseeable that with global warming there will be an augmentation in precipitation and this will favour an elevation of Mont Blanc. The rise of the massif continues today at a rate of 1.5mm a year but is in competition with the forces of erosion.

Due to the fascination with which Mont Blanc captures the spirit and the imagination the massif has played a leading role in the birth and evolution of geology. Literature, natural history and the history of science converge when one talks about the rock structures of the massif. This interest in Mont Blanc started with Saussare in the 1700s who studied Mont Blanc as the key to understanding the formation of the Alps and all mountain chains. So the massif du Mont Blanc was and continues to be an object of scientific interest of the premier order, which has permitted the advancement of our knowledge of the Alps. A heritage which must be developed and conserved for the future.
The Mont Blanc Massif is also an important entity for flora and fauna. It is surrounded by deep valleys, has a very marked altitude range from 800-4807m and a large number of different and varied valleys. One can find all the animals symbolic of the Alps – royal eagles, marmottes, choucas, chamois – all of whom have developed and adapted very specifically to the alpine life and harsh winters. The region is also a botanical garden with a number of rare and protected plants with a richness in variety due as much from the variation in altitude as the various orientations of the massif, the chemical composition of the rock and the ancestral ways of man in the lower regions. The importance of several habitats: pine forests, rocks, meadows and moraines assure a good representation of species.

The glaciers of Mont Blanc cover a surface area of 170 square kilometres and is characterised by a great diversity of glacial forms – a nearly complete collection. The enormous accumulation zones at altitude form several currents of ice from the famous Mer de Glace (with over 5 million visitors per year the most visited glacier in the world) the second largest glacial complex in Europe after Aletsch, to hanging glaciers such as Le Tour or the long cascades of ice like Les Bossons – which starts practically at the top of Mont Blanc and culminates in the depths of the valley below (3400m of declivity, the largest in Europe). The aesthetic value and pedagogic quality of this range of glaciers merits them to be made a sanctuary for the benefit of all.

Mont Blanc’s 17000 hectares of snow and ice also make it a huge reserve and of water and humidity and a great barrier to global warming. Its deep glaciers and their steep angle enable them to be more resistant to global warming than others. The subtle interactions of orientation, slope, altitude, latitude, the amount of solar energy reflected and the rate of precipitation are the origin of a number of very different microclimates from one valley to another. This unique richness make Mont Blanc the ideal laboratory to study climate change. Indeed, one can see in just the last 50 years an elevation of 300m in the alpine ecosystems.

Mont Blanc represents both nature and culture and stands at the heart of an overpopulated Europe as a last great wilderness. With its full representation of habitats, its offers opportunities to study the adaptation of life at altitude – in different seasons and microclimates – to study the development of the Alps, and to learn the history of the Alps. One of the unique characteristics of the Mont Blanc massif is that while it represents a mountain wilderness it is very accessible. This is part of what gives it its charm and equally its vulnerability. And this is why it needs and merit’s the protection and recognition of UNESCO.


Visit Newport Beach with Family

One of the most popular family activities in Newport Beach is going to the beach. During the summer months, the beach is a very popular resort and getaway spot for the entire family. You and your wife or your friends can enjoy swimming, boat riding, or even hitting the waves on a jet ski. With temperatures in the summer hitting 75 degrees and above, nothing breaks the heat better than the beach.

For the kids, the beach holds many different activities. They can build sand castles in the sand, play around in the water, or simply bask in the glorious sun. If they get tired of playing in the sand, you can simply go back to your hotel room and enjoy the fun of the safe yet confined swimming pool.

Another popular activity in Newport Beach for the family is the Balboa Fun Zone. There is something here for everyone, with the Fun Zone keeping kids entertained the entire time they are there! If you’ve never experienced the Fun Zone before, you’ll be in for the treat of a lifetime!

The Balboa Fun Zone is comprised of many different areas, including restaurants and beaches. There is so much to do here that you’ll probably have to come back over the course of several days to see everything that the Fun Zone has to offer.

Another activity that yields a lot of fun in Newport Beach is rollerblading. You can rent rollerblades from many different providers, from kids sizes to adults. There are also many places to use your rollerblades, including the sidewalks along the beach. If you like rollerblading, Newport Beach helps to set a new standard of fun.

When it comes to the kids enjoying themselves, nothing will please them more than the Toy Boat. Located at 3331 East Coast Highway, the Toy Boat is the best place in Newport Beach to take the kids. There are hundreds of thousands of toys and activities here to keep your kids and probably yourselves entertained for hours.

After you have a day of family fun in Newport Beach or the surrounding areas, you can stop and have a relaxing meal at one of the fabulous restaurants. The food here is to die for, giving everyone in your family a chance to eat their favorite food.

With something for everyone, it’s hard to believe that Newport Beach is actually an undiscovered vacation spot for many. The area has so much to offer, that it’s just a matter of time before people start to discover everything the area will provide them with. When the time comes for your getaway – make sure you give Newport Beach a try – you’ll be glad you did!


La Jolla Beaches

Blacks Beach to the north and Windansea Beach to the south, the La Jolla shoreline consists of steep sandstone cliffs that are seperated by coves and sandy beaches.

They sunny yet beautiful breezes and picture perfect views are a vacation paradise for tourists and a water recreation highlight for locals. There are seven unique beaches that dot the seven mile coastline against a backdrop of real estate, resorts, cliffs, tall palm trees, and lush scenary.

Downtown La Jolla is conveniently located near most of the beaches which not only provide parking for beach visitors but plenty of fine restaurants, intimate cafes, culture, art galleries, and other types of commercial convenience.

Between mid day and 4 PM, the crowds at any of the La Jolla beaches can be very big. The best advice when visiting any of the beaches in La Jolla is to come to the beach early and stay late – so that you can enjoy the magic of the sunsets and dusk views from across the ocean horizons.

Each beach at La Jolla will offer you something unique with different ways to enjoy the bliss of your vacation. La Jolla Shores is the most popular beach for families with the largest expansion of flat, sandy beaches. If you enjoy people watching, sunbathing, and lazy days on the beach – La Jolla Shores is where you want to be.

La Jolla Cove is another excellent beach, with steep sandstone cliffs offering amazing views and the paradise of sparkling blue water the cove is known for. The La Jolla Cove is a swimmer’s dream come true because of it’s gentle water. Along with the Children’s Pool, the Cove is rich with reefs that attract scuba divers and snorkelers to the abundance of marine life.

There are several La Jolla Caves that were carved by nature into the sandstone cliffs between La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores that help attract ocean kayakers from around the world. There is one cave in particular, known as “Sunny Jim Cave” that can be entered through a man made tunnel that leads to a steep descent through a narrow underground tube to a wooden deck.

With plenty of beaches all along the coastline, La Jolla is the place to be during the summer months. La Jolla is a well known tourist attraction, with well over 7,000 people visiting on a daily basis. If you enjoy the beach, La Jolla is going to feel like heaven on earth.


Things to See in La Jolla

Art La Jolla flourishes and astounds with it’s distinguished art galleries. The community celebrates an extensive array of art, although most galleries tend to favor contemporary pieces. The Quint Gallery highlights modern art, featuring paintings in oil and water colors, along with photography and sculptures.

The Gallery La Jolla offers various European and American contemporary artists, housing both paintings and sculptures. Just down the street is the Carlton Gallery, which is devoted to sculpture, and showcases Oriental art as well.

Music Even though art clearly dominates La Jolla’s cultural atmosphere, music isn’t neglected. A variety of styles bring music alive to tourists and local residents. Athenaeum Music and Arts Library has a collection of books and other pieces that are devoted to the musical world.

During summer, Concerts by the Sea in La Jolla is very popular among locals and tourists. Located at the La Jolla Cove, this annual concert series presents live music in an oceanside setting.

Theater and film The La Jolla Playhouse is the most popular theater in the area. The theater has been around for many years, and now known for it’s new plays. For the world of film, the Cove Theater is an old fashioned theater that shows independant and foreign films that are often neglected by main stream movie theaters.

Nightlife The nightlife in La Jolla is upbeat and very energetic. The Spot is a popular nighttime venue, located in the La Jolla Village. Another great spot is Humphrey’s La Jolla Grill. For those who are looking to laugh, The Comedy Store is highly recommended.

Outdoor activities The sunny area of La Jolla amazes with outdoor activities as well. You can see panoramic views of San Diego County from Mount Soledad or climb through the mysterious caverns provided by the La Jolla Caves.

Gold enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Torrey Pines Golf Course, which is the only public course in the entire PGA circuit. Those who are seeking adventure may want to check out La Jolla from the air with an airborne journey from the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

Whether your looking for art, nightlife, or outdoor adventure, La Jolla has the entertainment you crave. There is a lot of things to do here – giving tourists more than one reason to come back for more.


Madrid, Spain

Madrid is an old city. Its origins can be traced back to as 1085 when King Alfonso VI of Castle reigned here. The throne passed into the hands of Felipe II in 1561 and things were never the same after that. There were wars followed by inflation, the draining of city’s wealth and settling down of a horde of immigrants. The development came in 18th and 19th centuries when there was construction of numerous wonderful buildings with exotic and splendid art and architecture.

The City’s Charm

Once you land in the city of Madrid, there’s many worthwhile places to visit. For the nature lovers, the Glorieta de Murillo botanical garden is a perfect location with around 30,000 varied species of plants. These exclusive species that are scattered in different regions of the world were compiled at one place by the botanist Gomez Ortega and Juan de Villanueva for King Charles III.

The three pinnacle towers of Casa de la Panaderia grounded in the Madrid’s grand main plaza called The Plaza Mayor, never miss the tourist attention. The Plaza is flooded with people during festival celebrations and as a marketplace. The statue of Felipe III adds a feather to the fascination of the place.

The music and theater both can be enjoyed in one of the oldest towns called ‘Moorish Quarter’ of Madrid. Your next step in Madrid can be towards the Parque del Buen Retiro Park. The parks is a home for three buildings that are most often used for art exhibitions and an artificial lake that gives you the pleasure of boating. The classical concerts of music and dance performances can be relished at the Auditoria Nacional de Musica and The Teatro Madrid, Teatro Lirico Nacional de la Zarzuela, Teatro Albeniz respectively.

Madrid City is known for its incredible nightlife that lifts your spirits and leaves you rocking. a number of the illustrious nightclubs on the street of Calle Huertas are The Kapital (a 7 floor club) and The Malasana. Besides this there is tremendous activity in The Paza de Chueca club, Alonso Martinez etc. The discobars and clubs are meant not for couples or stag but for families as well.

The Madrid festivals lure people across the globe. There Fiestas de San Isidro is one of the biggest festivals of the year. It commences from 15th of May and bedazzles the visitors with excellent dance performances, concerts, and other performances. The delectable food during the festival remains acts as a magnet. The festivals like Feria de la Comunidad in May, Feria de Otono in September and Feria turnia etc. have at display the treasured game of bull fighting.

Apart from the fun and adventure, Madrid specializes in serving all varieties of cuisine. A person from any corner of the world can gratify his hunger conveniently in Madrid. There is italian, italian, Swedish, Chinese, Italian.diversity of food available.

To add to the glory of Madrid is the spectacular Verbena de la Paloma festival from 6th to 15th of August. The festival mirrors the Madrid tradition and culture when people are decked up in their traditional attire and parade their customs. The ravishing decoration and the live performances by bands thrills you with almost all sorts of music heard round the globe. Last but not the least are the exotic new-year celebrations at Madrid and the renowned masked ball of Circulo de Bellas Artes that leave a remarkable impression on each and every visitor.

Madrid can be the home for anyone be it the luxury or the budget travelers. From restaurants to accommodation all are designed in such a fashion that they cater well to the needs of the high as well as the low. However, it is judicious and preferable if you get all the reservations done in advance for this one amongst the largest European cities is swarming with visitors all the year round.


Things to See In Switzerland

Switzerland is known for numerous items, its cold climate, mountainous topography and its political neutrality, which is possibly brought on by its topographical seclusion and being one of the top mountainous countries in Europe. More than 70 percent of its land space is covered by the Swiss Alps which is known for its jagged peaks and steep gorges. For instance, The Pennine Alps range, contains the Dufourspitze of Monte Rosa which stands at 15,203 feet and is currently Switzerland’s highest peak . This is one of the ultimate travel spots in Switzerland. Of course, mountains there are not all so gigantic in height. The Jura, for instance, are smaller and lower. This is a favourite travel spot in Switzerland because of its cross-country skiing. Swiss watchmaking first began in the Jura Mountains. For mountain lovers, do visit the Mattehorn which towers overhead the state Valais Canton at 14,688 feet

When traveling to Switzerland, one item that any individual have to bear in mind is that it’s going to be indeed chilling. On no account forget to pack a winter coat peculiarly when you are travelling in winter months or if you are going to the Alps, where it can be really numbing. The resort of Chateau-d’Oex, which is nestled in a valley in the Alps is renowned for its skiing, hiking and hot-air balloon activities.

Switzerland is otherwise known for its picturesque views of lakes and streams. These bodies of water furnish travelers with a pleasant scene. The river Rhine is principal river in the country but there are other river systems that one should also look into, including Rhine, Ticino, and Inn. Lakes in the Alpine region are gorgeous and any traveler in Switzerland will instantly fall in love with its serene and glassy surface. Amongst those that they must visit are the Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, where Switzerland’s lowest point lies; Lake of Neuchatel, and Lake of Lucerne.

Another lake that is deserving of note is Lake Geneva, whish is considered to be Central Europe’s largest lake. The Staubbach Falls in Bern is one of the must-visit spot.

One of the ultimate travel spots in Switzerland is the Gothic Cathedral designed by Matth’us Ensinger from Ulm. It is an instance of 14th to 16th century architecture. Various international agencies can also be found in the capital city, including the Universal Postal Union.

Zurich is the financial center as well as an significant commercial and manufacturing center. The city of Basel is noted for its textile and clothing industry. Lausanne, on the other hand, is a city in the western part of Switzerland. It is residence to such prominent celebrities as Voltaire, Gibbon, and Rousseau as well as the center for Swizerland’s iron industry. Although widely known for its watchmaking and jewelry industry, Geneva is also the world’s diplomatic center. It is where the headquarters of the United Nations (UN). The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) is also located there too.


Traveling to Paris

The aura of Paris is such that the visitors are left spell bound. The city is so rich in its exotic and prized possessions that it becomes difficult to explore the entire city within a few days.

The Multiple Assets

From art to glamour, from the mystifying Eiffel Tower to the stunning Seine River, the wondrous city of Paris has it all. When they talk about the city’s art and architecture, Paris has a quantity of the coveted monuments in the world. For instance the Napoleon’s eminent ‘Arch of Triumph’ (a piece of architecture that ascends the streets); the Square of Peace (known for its huge statues and fountains) and the wonderful pillar from Egypt called the Obelisk of Luxor. The Eiffel Tower has its own tale. Counted amongst two of the wonders of the world, the tower is 986 feet tall and weighs 700 tons.

The Unity in Diversity

Paris is endowed with a plethora of small regions that contribute to the pleasing diversity of this place. To name a few in this regard-

The Le Marais Region in Paris speaks of the rich history and tradition of the city. Marais, the land where the King Henry II took his last breath, is the home for a quantity of the most archaic italian buildings. The Musee Carnavalet museum has plenty of archaeological discoveries along with breathtaking historical paintings, sculptures etc. Other eminent museums include-The Musee Cognaq Jay, The Musee de la Serrure Briccard, Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature (famous for stone age weapons) and last but not the least The Musee Picasso that has the worlds largest number of Picasso paintings. The Jewish Quarter that nestled in the Marais region and that familiarizes you with the Jewish customs and traditions has always been an apple of every visitor’s eyes.

The La Quarter region of Paris is a paradigm of unity and diversity. This is because people from all castes and creed inhabit the place. there is round the clock activity with plenty of markets, restaurants, gardens, parlors etc. in this ancient region that has streets of the Roman era.

Not to be overlooked is the popular Montmartre region of Paris. The area is bedecked by the Sacre Coeur Church, that has scaled to the height of the Eiffel Tower. The place is also more often visited for it is being the land of illustrious artists like Zola, van Gogh, Turgeney and Degas. Apart form this, the Montmarte region has an exclusive cemetery where the great souls of Degas, Stendhal, La Golie etc. lie in peace. there is also the famous The Musee de Montmartre where people like Renior, Dufy and Suzanne Valada had resided.

A outstanding and enthralling place nestled in the city of Paris is the Louvre Museum. This museum has a quantity of the world’s most prized sculptures, paintings, utensils and other antiques. If there is the globally treasured Mona Lisa of Leonardo Da Vinci, there’s also the three giant winged bulls that long ago used to guard the palace of Sragon II and the Hammurabi Code. Other antiquities from Babylon, Mesopotamia, Sumeria etc. can also be seen. Amongst the several bedazzling galleries like Prints and Drawings Gallery, arts gallery etc. the sculpture gallery is also garlanded by the bewitching Michaelangelo Courtyard. On the whole, the Louvre Museum is a spectacular place to stop at.

But this is not all. The Notre Dame Cathedral at the Notre Dame region is worth looking. The ancient cathedral that is an epitome of love also has an underground crypt and a small museum for the visitors.

The authentic magnum opus of art maestros like Renoir, Sisely, van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Degas and Pissaro can also be gazed at the Musee d’Orsay museum that also has
some exclusive primitive sculptures.

Also to be seen are the delightful gardens in Paris. For instance, The Rond-Point, The Grand Palais, the Petit Palais etc. being a quantity of them.

However, two falls short of words and ink to appraise and express the brilliance and magnificence of the unusual and wonderful city Paris, the charm and charisma of which carries the potential to raise someone from the dead.


Travelling to Mexico

Probably one of the places that people who travel to Mexico will surely enjoy are the beach resorts outside the capital city. At the top of the list is Acapulco, which is sometimes referred to as the Riviera of Mexico for its hotels, casinos and beach resorts. The Acapulco is a very popular tourist destination where one can also do deep-sea fishing as well as other water sports. Another haven for people who travel to Mexico is the Mazatlan, which frequently holds the international fishing tournaments as well as pre-Lenten carnivals. Hunting and fishing are also things that will interest people who travel to Mexico. One can also find in Mazatlan an observatory and one of the tallest lighthouses in the world. Other beaches that travelers in Mexico should not miss are the Cancun Island, the Puerto Vallarta and the Los Cabos.

Traveling to Mexico also opens the door to a world of arts and drama. With its many museums, Mexico is one of the most important museum destinations in the world. The Chapultepec Park houses several of these celebrated museums; the most important of which is the National Museum of Anthropology. Other museums that travelers in Mexico should also visit are the Museum of National History, Snail Museum, Technology Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art, which boasts of the finest collection of Mexican painting including those of masters such as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo. Children will also enjoy the Mexico City Zoo and the Papalote, a children’s interactive museum.

Traveling to Mexico will not be complete without visiting the Basilica de Guadalupe, which marks the site of the Virgin Mother’s appearance in 1531. The Metropolitan Cathedral is another travel destination within Mexico. With its baroque and neoclassical fa?ade, the church is a great example of architectural art forms.

Another Mexican architectural masterpiece is the Chapultepec Castle, which once served as presidential residence. The castle also features the murals of Mexican painter Juan O’ Gorman as well as the Memorial to Infant Heroes. Los Pinos, which is the official residence of the Mexican President, is also on the grounds of the Castle.

Monuments abound in the Paseo de la Reforma, a tree-line boulevard that houses Mexico’s landmarks. Travelers will surely love the monuments such as the Angel of the Independence, the symbol of the country’s national identity, Cuauhtemoc Memorial and the Diana Cazadora, the statue of Diana the Huntress.

What is traveling to Mexico without shopping for souvenirs? The Zona Rosa or the Pink Zone is an ideal shopping paradise. Within the area are restaurants, boutique squares, shops and hotels. Another shopping district is the Alameda Park, which borders the Palace of Fine Arts.

History fanatics will also love traveling to Mexico’s famed religious city of Teotihuacan, the capital of pre-Aztec civilization. In Teotihuacan, travelers to Mexico will find the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, two pyramids that face each other, providing a great view of the surrounding regions from the top.