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Try these Adrenaline in Nottingham

If you’ve got a strong stomach and an adventurous spirit then Zorbing is the perfect adrenalin fuelling start to your day. Zorbing, or Sphering as it’s sometimes known, found its way to the UK from New Zealand, along with many other whacky sports like bungee jumping. Basically, you are harnessed into a giant inflatable plastic ball and sent shooting down a hill, reaching speeds of up to 30mph! You can also try “eclipse-sphereing” where the terrifying downhill run is done in complete darkness.

This is not for the faint hearted! Your hill-roll will last anything from 30 seconds to a minute, which doesn’t sound long, but when each second is packed with adrenalin fuelled heart stomping take your breath away sensations, it’s more than long enough to get your kicks!

So, hopefully your head has stopped spinning, and you’re back on your feet the right way up. It’s time for a spot of blindfold driving. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out! Teams shout instructions at the blindfolded driver of the sporty 4×4, who, despite being completely disorientated and confused must steer the vehicle safely round the course.

There’s a huge variety of action packed activities on offer here, so why not try some 4×4 off road-ing or the forest experience, where you’ll learn essential outdoor survival skills. If you fancy a fitness challenge, then have a go at smashing some time records on the Jungle Assault Course as you cover two acres of land attempting to negotiate rope ladders, scramble nets, walls, bridges and pools, to name a few. If you do well, a place on the Krypton Factor may well be yours!! Speed freaks and rally fans have to try the Rally Driving experience; after a tutorial from qualified instructors you’ll be let loose on the tracks in a full-specification Peugeot Rally Car.

Next, we’re heading to the countryside, for something a little calmer; but equally breathtaking. The stunning scenery of the Peak District is the setting for this adrenalin trip; but it’s not the hills or mountains, it’s the underground caves, caverns and mines that you’ll be exploring. You’ll be taken into a unique and totally different world, as you discover some incredible wonders of nature. This is an all day event, and you’re likely to get very wet, so don’t forget waterproof and dry clothing. And ladies, if you’re very lucky, you may even spot a leftover caveman looking for a new mate!